Live Nude Humans: Songs by Brian Madison (Free MP3 Music).
Anger, madness, and hope.

"I see my life in terms of music."
                       --Albert Einstein

Pocket Memo

Wheel. Influences:  Pink Floyd, Eno & Cale, Bob Dylan. [MP3] [Lyrics]

Apology. Dedicated to a former employer. Influences:  Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, The Pixies. [MP3] [Lyrics]

My Back Story. Influences:  The Byrds, Bob Dylan. [Lyrics]

You Don't Even Know What You're Sayin'. Influences: The Damned, The Misfits, The Smithereens, Warren Zevon, Tom Petty. [MP3] [Lyrics]

I'm Not Lazy. Influences: Tom Petty, ZZ Top. [MP3] [Lyrics]

I, Hypocrite. Influences: The Doors, Kevin Gilbert, Bob Dylan. [MP3] [Lyrics]

Vanity (Tattletale). Influences: Kevin Gilbert, Cake, Mark Knopfler. [MP3] [Lyrics]

What Happens in Vegas (Ends Up on the Internet). Influences: Hank Williams, Jr. [MP3] [Lyrics]

Baby You Already Know. Influences: Richard Thompson, Bob Dylan, Willy Nelson. [MP3] [Lyrics]

I Walked Away. Influences: Simon and Garfunkel, Nick Drake. [MP3] [Lyrics]

Toynbee Idea. Regarding Toynbee tiles. Sort of Monkees-meets-Talking-Heads, with a dash of The Byrds and R.E.M. [MP3 (Acoustic Demo)] [Lyrics]

Headcase. Influences: Barenaked Ladies. [MP3] [Lyrics]

Lexus.  Influences: Every country blues song ever written. [MP3] [Lyrics]

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